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Welcome to ERISA Compliance Consulting Services Group

ERISA Compliance Consulting Services provides consulting services for ERISA covered plans including Qualified Retirement Plans and Health and Welfare Plans. The Principal of ERISA Compliance Consulting Services, David M. Kahn, is a recognized expert in the field of ERISA compliance. The mission of ERISA Compliance Consulting Services is to provide our clients with the confidence and assurance that the advice and guidance we provide will be appropriate and accurate for the situation we have been engaged to solve or resolve. As the qualified retirement plan and health and welfare space becomes more and more complex and the government bodies continually change the rules and regulations, it is important that Plan Sponsors and Plan Fiduciaries keep their plans in compliance to avoid any negative consequences to the participants and their beneficiaries and risk to Plan Sponsors and to Plan Fiduciaries.

The ERISA Compliance Consulting Specialists has clients located throughout the United States. ERISA Compliance Consulting Services has more than 28 years’ experience working with ERISA covered plans.

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